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Our miniature stainless steel castings allow for the creation of small parts with precise tolerances and minimal waste: these techniques are used in all those sectors (such as automotive, or aeronautics) where the dimensional accuracy of individual components significantly determines the correct functionality of a machine, a given equipment, or an industrial plant.Un servizio completo

ICI of Leini, in the province of Turin – now present also in Milan – is a reference for absolute professionalism in stainless steel investment casting. The company specialises in all Precision Foundry operations and particularly, in miniature precision casting; with this process the customer can obtain the required part in its final form in a very short time, tailored to custom design or with complex geometries.

The company caters for a wide range of metals in this casting process: stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel. We are not limited to steel, we also manage special metal alloys such as nickel and cobalt super alloys.

A complete service

ICI offers its customers a complete service, including the mold design phase, mould construction and part finishing (in any case, this casting technique is capable of producing articles which are essentially complete, requiring minimal subsequent processing). In short, we assure the customer a complete processes sequence, including rigorous checks, to ensure that the final product matches the customer requirement in every detail.

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    The ICI precision foundry produces metal castings from small dimensions (1 gram) up to a maximum of about 50 kilograms.

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