Articles in special alloys


The ICI foundry specialises in the the casting of metal alloys for the production of various articles.

The company is based in the province of Turin, Leinì, in a facility equipped with state of the art equipment for all the requirements of special alloy casting. By means of miniature casting techniques, the company produces ranges of special critical parts in brass, copper alloys and nickel and white metal, required for the antique sector, the auto industry, electro-mechanical assemblies, artwork pieces, items in the civil sector and much more.

Metal working

By using special alloys, the finished items take on special properties such as a desired hardness or greater mechanical strength. The ICI foundry is capable in several kinds of machining methods that assure the production of special alloy articles with an internal structure which is homogeneous in all its different variables, free of impurities and devoid of defects in structure and composition.

The casting of special alloys can take place in different ways:

  • by continuous casting, for the creation of rounded shapes, tubes, rods and items with special contours;
  • with sand casting, Ideal for custom items in small production batches.

After the casting process, we undertake all surface finishing in order to deliver to the customer a ready-to-use complete article.

To receive information on the casting of special alloys, please contact our offices in Leinì, we shall be pleased to provide all the information you require.

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